die Schwarzen Ladas - Wahrheit CD

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die Schwarzen Ladas - Wahrheit

formaatti: CD

julkaisupäivä: marraskuu

Black Sabbath meets Mike Oldfield
Volker - gesang
Karsten - schlagzeug
Udo - alles anders
Kotikaupunki: Köln


Fehler (youtube-linkki toinen pikkukuva)




Gott hat gegeben (youtube-linkki kolmas pikkukuva)

Näin Ladaa kommentoi laulaja Volker:

'It all started with a few cases of beer and some free time on our hands.
While jamming with Karsten, we decided to head up to Udo's studio next door
to record some shit, just for laughs.
As the tape started rolling, the three of us improvised 6 songs in a row. No
pressure, no arrangements, just music.
After listening to the stuff we just created, we all felt really fucking
So we started the band right there, at that moment.

We all had been doin' music for years, but this was the first time together.
There was no typical musician-shit going on, we were just creating great
stuff without any hussle.
Simply put, diamonds are made under pressure, NOT music.
If you just let go, the end result will always be better than the
over-arranged and over-produced shit, people make these days.
You have to be true to yourself, stay true to the song and just do what
feels natural.
Fuck everything and everybody else.


Udo started making songs.
Not like 500 in a row, but just one at a time.
When the foundation was ready, Karsten went and banged the drums on it, and
I sang the vocals last.
Nothing was never rehearsed, everything was done in 1-3 takes.
That's how you stay real. Fresh and original.
After a while the album was done.

( But yeah, these bio's usually suck ass, as it does right now... )

Die Schwarzen Ladas is all about the music.
Nothing else.
And it's weird these days, that everybody making and consuming music has
forgotten that.
Who actually should give a fuck what we look like, what we eat, where we are
from, which instruments we play and how much drugs we take?!?
You should just concentrate to the song. That's what we did.
Every song is a movie, or a play. It's a story.
And every listener can make their own versions of our songs in their heads.
A bit different everytime you listen to it...

And writing about our own music is useless.
There's so many elements and layers to it, so it would be impossible to try
to explain it somehow.
And why should one?
I'm not gonna be the one.
Time of bullshit is over.
Time of real music is now.


Die Schwarzen Ladas

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